Washington D.C. Temple

Washington D.C. Temple Video and Model Details

A Washington D.C. Temple model and video. For more information on the Temple itself, visit the Wiki.


This was quite the undertaking. Mostly because of all the trees. I already had a good quality model I had made for Google Earth, and it did not take to much in the way of detailing to get it up to full quality. No, planting all those trees took a full day though.


Meadow, DC, Crickets and BirdsRBHumphries



Whole Scene

Vertices: 26,453
Faces: 22,314
Objects: 612
File Size: 4.79 mb

Temple Only

Vertices: 16,603
Faces: 14,907
Objects: 33
File Size: 2.97 mb


2 Replies to “Washington D.C. Temple”

  1. This was the first temple me and my wife ever went to. I now have a 3d printer and was wondering if I could buy the model from you and print my self.

    1. My models are created for the fastest possible video render times. As such, they are not compatible with 3D printing without extensive modification (typically 40-80 hours.) I have made the decision, due to bed experiences in the past, to not give out or sell my models.

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