2 New Videos for Apia Samoa

Apia Samoa Temple 2005 Thumb

Today I uploaded a new Dusk video for the Apia Samoa Temple. I intended to only do the one video, but my original Apia video was so… bad… that I decided that I needed to replace it as well.

I cropped just the daylight portion of the Dusk video and uploaded it as a new current video for the Apia Temple model. Both videos are linked here. Don’t for get to visit my Apia pages in the sidebar for more detail and history on this temple.

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Some Thoughts on the Future of Temple Construction

I have had many conversations lately, online, in the hallways at Church, in my front yard or living room with friends, about changes in the Church. Most of these conversations focus around the changes to ministering and the structure of the Elder’s Quorum, and move on to talk about rumors of changes that might come in October Conference. Almost everyone says they have heard that the changes which have happened are nothing compared to that which is to come, and most of them want to know what I have heard about changes to temples or the temple program.

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Bangkok Thailand Temple model

In Honor of the rendering released last week of the Bangkok Thailand Temple, I wanted to take a moment and show you the progress I have mode on my model for that temple. Of course there is only so much I can do from a single render, so it will be a a while until I can find out the exact shape and layout of the support building. I have still made excellent progress on the temple itself however. The first render is from the same angle as the Church Render, to give you a feel for the accuracy, and the second is from another angle to show that it is my own guess as to the layout.

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New Dusk Video for Adelaide Australia Temple

I learned something important with this video. When doing multiple lights in a scene, turn off reflection in the temple stone, even if it is there in real life. So distracting. I will know next time. This video features updated and fixed details on the model, as well as the addition of the lights around the temple, and fully modeled trees. It took longer to render than most of my temple videos do these days.

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