Sunday at Campinas Brazil

I like to spend my Sunday downtime listening to Church Music and modeling Temples. Sure the temple thing is what I do most days, but it feels more appropriate on Sundays. Today I looked over Yesterdays post and decided that I needed to make some advances on individual temples. I started with Campinas, and made really good progress for a few minutes before church. then after all my meetings I picked it back up and had a hard time aligning details, so a basically started all over to get the proportions more correct.

Here is yesterday’s image:

And here is today’s progress:

Next time I get around to this temple, it should finish off really quick. There is not much additional detail. Just a few things to fix and then time to texture.

I will probably spend tomorrow’s spare time on another new temple. See how many temples I can advance this year, and maybe I can get all caught up next year!