Historic Temple Video Series- Manti Utah Temple (1888)

Being caught up with the Temple render releases for now, I am back to my Historic Video series. Today takes us forward to the year 1888, and for the first time, the Manti Utah Temple. the video here shows the temple as it would have looked when completed, as well as other buildings representing the support structures built to help the workers in the construction effort. Historic photos show that these buildings remained on site for many years after the dedication.

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Historic Temple Video series – Logan Utah Temple (1885-1915)

Logan Utah Temple 1885

I have a new video for you today. Shortly after the Logan Temple was dedicated it was decided to expand the annex to add more area for the administrative side of things. Additionally, a new entrance was added on the east side of the annex. This addition was to help shelter the original entrance from the bitter winds in the area, especially in the winter. This two door setup is similar to the double sets of doors seen on many temples and other buildings today.

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Historic Video Series – Logan Utah Temple (1884)

The longest, and possibly most complex video I have ever released. This temple model represents the Logan Temple as it probably looked in 1884 when it was dedicated.

This model features the interior rooms of the original temple. These rooms have since been removed during a renovation in the 1970s. I had a good time making very inaccurate reproductions of the original murals, based on partial black and white photos from before the demolition.

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Cedar City Utah Temple Model

I am working through a good update at the Cedar City Utah Temple. I have reconfigured the grounds, and have reworked the west end to match what construction photos have shown. I’m not sure how close I am in some parts. There are a couple of good aerial videos of the construction site that show some good details. I still am guessing when it comes to the trees, and there are plans for me to add curbs.

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Thursday at Cedar City

I added temporary textures so that could more easily differentiate parts as I added the Moroni, the windows, and an early rough in of the grounds. I was also able to look at some of the construction photos of the temple and determine that there will be a second entrance on the west side (presumably for the baptistry) that I added as well. I made the foundation stones a darker (temporary) color because the official render seems to imply that those stones will be slightly darker (though that is most likely a shadow/lighting issue.) I wanted to see what it would look like with a a darker color, just for fun. I don’t think they will use it.

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