New Videos for Apia Samoa

Apia Samoa Temple 2005-1

Today I uploaded a new Dusk video for the Apia Samoa Temple. I intended to only do the one video, but my original Apia video was so… Bad… That I decided that I needed to replace it as well, so I cropped just the daylight portion of the Dusk video and uploaded it as a new current video for the Apia Temple model. Both videos are linked here, plus the image at the bottom of the page which links to the Apia Model and history page.

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New Dusk Video for Adelaide Australia Temple

Adelaide Australia Temple Dusk thumb2

I learned something important with this video. When doing multiple lights in a scene, turn off reflection in the temple stone, even if it is there in real life. So distracting. I will know next time. This video features updated and fixed details on the model, as well as the addition of the lights around the temple, and fully modeled trees. It took longer to render than most of my temple videos do these days.

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Cebu City Philippines Temple Finished

Cebu City Philippines Temple is now a finished model and off into the render Que. 2 days, 2 finished models. That’s a pace I am not keeping up for long, I assure you.

This update features a complete rework of the proportions, based off a photo that was well taken that I was able to use for reference. The trees are in, the grounds are finished, the support buildings are in. Overall, this is one I am happy with. There are a few things I can do for a future update, perhaps someday when I have a really powerful computer I will go crazy with the trees and textures, but this will do for now.