Barranquilla Colombia Temple Video (1st Version)

Barranquilla Colombia Temple Early 2

I have finished my Barranquilla Colombia Temple video!

Sort of.T

he official render only shows the front, so All I have done is the front and the surrounding grounds. There will be a better version when the temple is finished, or closer to finished. For now this is all I have. Things to do include both sides, the back, and of course the missing portions of the grounds. I have tried to fill in what I could of the grounds, but the official render is taken from such a low angle that it is difficult to make out details.

Still, it took some time, and I am happy with what I have made, so I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy!

Sunday at Barranquilla Columbia

Barranquilla Colombia Temple Early1

I have decided to try to kick off another “Temple a Day” marathon, as I don’t seem to get much done these days without the added deadline. I will include yesterday’s post as part of this run, so I started with Durban and today we move on to Barranquilla Columbia.Obviously I need to work on textures, then place plants. Once that is done I will probably refine the accommodation building on the left and have to call this one done until the temple is closer to finished.

Barranquilla Colombia Temple Early1

Here is where the model was after the previous go round of marathon.

Barranquilla Colombia Temple Early