Monday at Campinas Brazil. Again

I showed an update on this back a month or two ago, but I added it into the roster this marathon anyway.

Details, details, details. That’s what this one was all about. The spire is done now, and most of the landscaping. I still may want to add some detail to the Accommodation Center (assuming I can find some good photos,) and I need to plant the garden. The Temple itself needs the front doors and the inscription, then it is basically done!

Monday at Campinas Brazil

Well, this is later than I hoped it would be. I have been working late on a Christmas present after the kids go to bed, so I forget things in my sleepy haze. Here you go though. I worked on Campinas Brazil Monday. I am probably going to go to 3 a week posting, and in a sort of almost alphabetical fashion. Well, Monday was back in Brazil. I added material and worked on trying to get the terrain figured out. Here are my progressive renders:

Just for fun, here is a bonus shot showing the new stone texture at work, and some of the temple’s detail work.