Boise Idaho Temple, 30 December 2008

Part of the First Road Trip my wife and I ever took together. Despite the absolute biting cold we had encountered the day before, the weather here was not that bad.

We had planned from here to continue on over up into Oregon and Washington to visit family. However, closed mountain passes, plus a car that was weirdly only overheating when the exterior temp was below freezing, caused us to turn back.

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Billings Montana Temple, 4 August 2006 (Earlier)

I had been working my tail off, and I had some vacation time. I was stressed and needed to not be around for a while.

This trip took me from Utah, up through east Idaho, over to Billings, then over to Cardston, and home again.

I have divided this trip into 2 photos shoots, comprising photos taken before and photos taken after I was allowed onto the grounds.


Albuquerque New Mexico, 13 January 2006

Albuquerque New Mexico Temple 2011-01-13

My First visit to Albuquerque New Mexico Temple was with a friend who I was helping move some stuff from Utah to El Paso.

The area around the temple at the time was well void of any other buildings. It was easy to find the temple once you were in the neighborhood. At the time It stood nearly alone, with just another Chapel for another Church across the road and down the street. As I drove the main road north of it, heading east, suddenly it was there, apparently alone in the middle of the field. That’s the way I remember it anyway.

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