Albuquerque New Mexico, 28 June 2011 (Evening)

This is the Second visit To The Albuquerque New Mexico Temple on this trip. I came back by myself for the Dusk shots that comprise this visit.

The initial plan had been to hang out at the temple until we were done for the night, but my daughter began to throw a fit, and slapped her Mom. even though it was only around 3:30 in the afternoon we decided it was time to put her down for the night. This meant that I was alone when I came back, and could stay later than anticipated.

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Albuquerque New Mexico Temple, 28 June 2011

This was the second to last stop on a month long road trip that saw us visiting 30 temples. The trip was myself and my oldest daughter, then around the age of two.

The Albuquerque New Mexico Temple seems to be a long way from anywhere. It was several hours from our previous stop on an epic road trip, and it would be late morning the following day before we would reach the next. I must say though, this temple goes well with those mountains.

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Atlanta Georgia Temple, 24 June 2011

Having served my mission in Georgia, I have wanted to See the Atlanta Georgia Temple since 1995. It was the habit in our mission that Missionaries were allowed to go with the President and his Wife their last day in the Mission. The Temple was undergoing a small renovation when I left so that would not have been at all possible. The temple had been undergoing another (this time massive) renovation the year we planned this trip. The re dedication took place 3 weeks before we started our trip. It was a pleasant surprise to be able to add this to the trip. Beautiful Day for it too.

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