St. Paul Minnesota Temple

St. Paul Minnesota Temple Video and Model Details

For More information on the St. Paul Minnesota Temple visit the wiki.


This is the second Saint Paul Minnesota Temple model I made. It was the first with full detail. I may be rendering out the older version someday, but that will be awhile.


rbh Mpls birdRHumphries


Modeled: 2.6
Render: Cycles

Whole Scene

Vertices: 23,132
Faces: 21,464
Objects: 185
File Size: 14.1 MB

Temple Only

Vertices: 21,608
Faces: 19,271
Objects: 50
File Size: 8.74 MB


St. Paul Minnesota Temple

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    1. It’s been a long time since I made this model, so I am not sure which of the two methods I used, but typically I get length and width from using the measuring tools on either Google Earth or Google Maps. Height is estimated, usually by counting the bricks on the side using photos If ind online.

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