Nauvoo Illinois Temple

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This is my model of The Nauvoo Illinois Temple. This is the fourth variation of this model. I made one to represent the original, that is all right except the roof, one to represent the current temple, which is again all right except the roof, and one for Google Earth, which is good considering what it was modeled for.


ThunderRainandBirdsEarlyAugust2012 (South Illinois) – kvgarlic LightSpringRainandBirdApril222012 (South Illinois) – kvgarlic SummerRiverRedWingBlkbrdWavesJune2012 (South Illinois)- kvgarlic room-tone windy house 121220_00 – klankbeeld


Modeled: 2.6
Render: Cycles

Whole Scene

Vertices: 41,038
Faces: 36,569
Objects: 1,512
File Size: 25 MiB

Temple Only

Vertices: 38,973
Faces: 33,869
File Size: 15.7 Mib


2 Replies to “Nauvoo Illinois Temple”

  1. On your former site you had some floor-by-floor renderings of Nauvoo. Will they carry over to the new site?

    1. Yes, I will be. The histories and details like that will be on the wiki page for each temple. I am working slowly on getting those transferred over (Just finished St. George, working backwards from Z.) In the meantime, the old page for each individual temple is still active until I get everything moved over for that specific temple. The specific page you are looking for is this one.

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