Monticello Utah Temple

Video and Model Details



All Audio for this video was recorded within 11 miles of the Temple.

Gunnison Grouse · Centrocercus minimus
Ryan P. O’Donnell, XC75075. Accessible at
Western Bluebird · Sialia mexicana bairdi
Ryan P. O’Donnell, XC75112. Accessible at
Cassin’s Finch · Haemorhous cassinii
Ryan P. O’Donnell, XC75109. Accessible at
Spotted Towhee · Pipilo maculatus
Ryan P. O’Donnell, XC75110. Accessible at


Modeled: 2.79
Render: Cycles

Whole Scene

Vertices: 226,192
Faces: 182,323
Objects: 40
File Size: 135.4 MiB

Temple Only

Vertices: 36,601
Faces: 27,797
Objects: 12
File Size: 13.8 MiB


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