Louisville Kentucky Temple

Video and Model Details


This is my model of The Louisville Kentucky Temple. I don’t go through 20 revisions of a model before publishing these days. My abilities have improved significantly. This is only the second model I have made for Louisville. The first model was for Google Earth, and can currently be seen when using Google Earth with the 3D Building Layer turned on. It was the first model of this temple made with full detail. I may be rendering out the older version someday, but that will be awhile. Meanwhile you can see the old model in Google Earth, if you really want to see it.


SummerOpenFieldBobWhiteQuailJune2009 – kvgarlic


Modeled: 2.65
Render: Cycles

Whole Scene

  • Vertices: 25,627
  • Faces: 21,087
  • Objects: 200
  • File Size: 4 MiB

Temple Only

  • Vertices: 18,765
  • Faces: 32,329
  • Objects: 66
  • File Size: 3.3 MiB


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