Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Temple

Video and Model Details


This Hermosillo Sonora México Temple model was built just for this YouTube Video. This is my first and only version of the model. I have found that small temples are harder to model when they are outside of the United States. There is a lack of good satellite imagery, and finding reference photos for the grounds can lead you into some scary websites. Consequently, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any of them.


Las Cruces morning dovesn8daly


Modeled: 2.63
Render: Cycles

Whole Scene

  • Vertices: 24,734
  • Faces: 20,746
  • Objects: 126
  • File Size: 3.9 mb

Temple Only

  • Vertices: 20,135
  • Faces: 17,500
  • Objects: 60
  • File Size: 3.3 mb


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