Fresno California Temple

Video and Model Detail


As individual temples, the standard small temple design can make it very difficult to tell one temple from another. There are subtle differences. Stone color is not the same in every temple, even amongst those that may appear to be identical, the stone may be a different type. Some of the small temples have the triple sets of windows with their bottom edges near the ground, and some have them about 3 feet up. Occasionally you will find a temple that either has not circle accents, or has them in a different stone color or style. Then there are 3 or 4 of the small temples that, like The Fresno California Temple, have an extended celestial room. Fresno is a modified version of the standard small temple design. It is modified in the way it has an extended celestial room on the the east end of the temple.




Modeled: 2.65
Render: Cycles

Whole Scene

  • Vertices: 27,881
  • Faces: 22,554
  • Objects: 307
  • File Size: 4.4mb

Temple Only

  • Vertices: 19,010
  • Faces: 16,406
  • Objects: 63
  • File Size: 3.4mb


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