Columbia River Washington Temple

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I’m not happy with this render of the Columbia River Washington Temple. I did not notice until it was done that I had not textured the arches. I also should have done a more realistic glass, or pulled images of the stained glass from the temple. The image I used for environmental lighting also was a poor choice. I will definitely be redoing this one in the future. There were technically 2 versions of this model done prior to this one. Both variants were for Google Earth. One showed the open covered entry way that the temple used to have when it was dedicated. The other showed that entry way enclosed. This is that second variation, but with more detail.


Water 1UncleSigmund
Backyard Birds 2009 05 30 dneitzel


Modeled: 2.x
Render: Cycles

Whole Scene

  • Vertices: 42,504
  • Faces: 35,322
  • Objects: 379
  • File Size: 6.8 MB

Temple Only

  • Vertices:
  • Faces:
  • Objects:
  • File Size:

Simple Model

Simple Model Detail


Modeled: Blender 2.49
Render: WebGL render engine

Temple Only

  • Vertices:
  • Faces:
  • Objects:
  • File Size: mb


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