Cobán Guatemala Temple

Video and Model Details


This last Monday the Church released an official artists render for the Coban Guatemala Temple and the Okinawa Japan Temple. Despite having other work I needed to get done this week, I managed to scrape enough time in the evenings to put together this model. The fact that is is so nearly the same as the Praia Cabo Verde Temple helped.

I thought I was more done with this model than I actually am, there being many little things I missed during the modeling process that I only noticed during the render.


Greyish Saltator · Saltator coerulescens
Roberto Sacul, XC135352. Accessible at

Emerald Toucanet · Aulacorhynchus prasinus
Max Noack, XC234351. Accessible at


Modeled: 2.79 a
Render: Cycles

Whole Scene

Vertices: 548, 481
Faces: 613,333
Objects: 79
File Size: 121.3 MiB

Temple Only

Vertices: 27,676
Faces: 20,394
Objects: 35
File Size: 14.9 MiB