Orem Utah Temple, first draft video

I created this just one week after the Church released the official render. That render was rather low resolution, so I had to make guesses about the small details. I am not confident about ANY of those at all. So there will be another video later. In the meantime, enjoy this one!

Cedar City Utah Temple Model

I am working through a good update at the Cedar City Utah Temple. I have reconfigured the grounds, and have reworked the west end to match what construction photos have shown. I’m not sure how close I am in some parts. There are a couple of good aerial videos of the construction site that show some good details. I still am guessing when it comes to the trees, and there are plans for me to add curbs.

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Cebu City Philippines Temple Finished

Cebu City Philippines Temple is now a finished model and off into the render Que. 2 days, 2 finished models. That’s a pace I am not keeping up for long, I assure you.

This update features a complete rework of the proportions, based off a photo that was well taken that I was able to use for reference. The trees are in, the grounds are finished, the support buildings are in. Overall, this is one I am happy with. There are a few things I can do for a future update, perhaps someday when I have a really powerful computer I will go crazy with the trees and textures, but this will do for now.

Thursday at Cedar City

I added temporary textures so that could more easily differentiate parts as I added the Moroni, the windows, and an early rough in of the grounds. I was also able to look at some of the construction photos of the temple and determine that there will be a second entrance on the west side (presumably for the baptistry) that I added as well. I made the foundation stones a darker (temporary) color because the official render seems to imply that those stones will be slightly darker (though that is most likely a shadow/lighting issue.) I wanted to see what it would look like with a a darker color, just for fun. I don’t think they will use it.

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Monday at Campinas Brazil. Again

I showed an update on this back a month or two ago, but I added it into the roster this marathon anyway.

Details, details, details. That’s what this one was all about. The spire is done now, and most of the landscaping. I still may want to add some detail to the Accommodation Center (assuming I can find some good photos,) and I need to plant the garden. The Temple itself needs the front doors and the inscription, then it is basically done!