Cardston Alberta Temple

Video and Model Details


This one was fun to model. I do now know that there is a major flaw with this model, mainly it is to tall. The internet was a bit to vague on dimensions, so I defaulted to high. I will fix that in another variation. Someday. meanwhile, the detail on this model is rather significant. I especially like how well the textures turned out. the stone has just the right amount of ripple to it.


Suburb Morning Calm Front ST-GAINmitchellsounds
Suburb Morning Calm Rear ST-GAINmitchellsounds


Modeled: 2.63
Render: Cycles

Whole Scene

Vertices: 72,328
Faces: 63,639
Objects: 297
File Size: 4.1 mb

Temple Only

Vertices: 69,613
Faces: 62,082
Objects: 94
File Size: 3.5 mb

3 Replies to “Cardston Alberta Temple”

  1. Hi, I love your model, what software do you use? I live in Cardston and did 3D modeling in University. I’ve been considering modelling the interior of the Cardston Temple. Don’t suppose you would consider sharing your model?

  2. I have been told that my grandpa Frederick Wesley Hillyer did wood carving in the celestial room, when they added more to the veil in the 1988 renovation. But he died in 1990, I was only 7 years old, he was 67. I wonder if there is any official record of him doing this work.

    1. I have an ancestor who worked on the Salt Lake Temple. For that temple, at least, a record was kept, a special book, with the names of everyone who worked and their hours. Unfortunately, I don’t think those books are open to the public!

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