Campinas Brazil Temple video

My video for the Campinas Brazil Temple is finished!

Once again, it wasn’t until I finished I noticed some of the issues, and a future version will correct those, but for now, another one finished.

Progress So Far

Finishing one got me wondering where I was at. Keeping in Mind, that the “Announced” temples cannot be modeled until the Church reveals the design, here is where I am at:

TemplesModeledIn ProgressTo Redo
Under construction16975

Basically, I have 124 Temples done, with 9 I am redoing or want to redo, and 49 in progress (44 not counting Kirtland, Endowment House, Original Nauvoo, Independence, Far West and Adam-ondi-ahman.) I have 60 apparently left to do, but only 46 to catch up to the number the church has completed!

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