Buenos Aires Argentina Temple

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The Buenos Aires Argentina Temple, post Remodel. Still rather inacurate, I’m afraid. There is some detailing above the large windows that I am without. Still, the original Google earth version of this model was even worse on the details. You should go check that out. it was not bad, considering the information I had to work with.


Water FountainBsumusictech


Modeled: 2.63
Render: Cycles

Whole Scene

  • Vertices: 42,635
  • Faces: 31,764
  • Objects: 214
  • File Size: 4.41mb

Temple Only

  • Vertices: 40,546
  • Faces: 30,745
  • Objects: 50
  • File Size: 3.8mb

Simple Model

Model Details

I did not have a lot to work with when I made this model. I did not know about most of the details on it, so it is really basic. You can count on it for the basic shape, though that’s about it.


Modeled: Blender 2.63
Render: Cycles render engine

Whole Scene

  • Vertices: 5,885
  • Faces: 5,120
  • Objects: 4
  • File Size: 1.6mb

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  1. Hi,

    Very nice work. I’m trying to get some models to print for my home. Do you sell or distribute this?


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