Bountiful Utah Temple Photos

My History: The Bountiful Utah Temple

My photography hobby started in 1997 with the plan to take just a couple of photos at as many temples as I could possibly visit. Film was expensive after all. Back then, there were only about 50 temples, but there were a couple being added every year.

The Bountiful Utah Temple was dedicated just 3 years earlier. As such, when I visited it for the first time, it was the youngest temple I had ever visited. And I have continued to visit it, 16 visits at least when writing.

Photography Visits


17 August 1998

CameraChinon Belami, SMZ 145

One of my earliest visits after starting to take photos was this one here to Bountiful Utah Temple.

27 October 1998

CameraChinon Belami, SMZ145

My first day time (or near enough to,) visit to the Bountiful Utah Temple

13 March 2002

CameraPentax ZX-30, Pentax K1000

This was one of a couple of trips to photograph temples taken with a gal I was dating at the time. We had a fun time, and as I recall, got to see some nice wildlife as we hiked the hill east of the Temple

1 May 2003

CameraPentax ZX-30, Pentax K1000

Another year, another trip with another girl I was dating. This quite possibly counts as the best daylight set I got at the Bountiful Utah Temple during my days using film.

17 May 2005

CameraPentax ZX-30, Pentax K1000, Pentax KR

Part of the first ever Epic Road Trip with my former mission companion, the Bountiful Utah Temple was stop number 6 out of a planned 17 temple trip.


28 November 2005

CameraPentax *ist DL

Part of the first ever Epic Road Trip with my former mission companion, the Bountiful Utah Temple was stop number 6 out of a planned 17 temple trip.

16 April 2006

CameraPentax *ist DL

Another beautiful daytime photo shoot, and another several hours remove dust from photos because I had not learned how to properly clean the camera yet.

10 December 2006

CameraPentax *ist DL

This shoot was well after I had begun 3D. The whole point of this visit was to get details for my 3D model. There are many fun angles in here because of this.

16 March 2009

CameraPentax K10D

Part of the Second Epic Temple Trip, we managed to arrive at the Bountiful Utah Temple right as the sunrise was working its way down the tower.

18 July 2009

CameraPentax K10D

I was here with my family today for a cousins wedding. It was a bright, hot sunny day, and like all photo shoots since going digital, the inside of my camera was covered with dust.

7 July 2011

CameraPentax K10D

I was taking a photography class, and was in the mood to experiment with Panorama images. Plus when I got there the sky was doing all kinds of fun stuff. So, nearly 500 images later I left with some good shots and a reminder I need to use a tripod more often.

12 December 2012

CameraPentax K10D

This was part of my mid-December break from school. I had started in Payson and worked my way north, just for 12/12/12.

8 August 2013

CameraPentax K10D

Part of the 2013 Epic Temple trip taken between myself and my mission companion. this was our shortest trip, and bountiful was a late morning stop just before lunch.

11 April 2014

CameraPentax K10D

A day trip, the likes of which I used to take all the time. I started out north, and worked my way south through out the day. The wonder of living on the Wasatch Front is that this trip encompassed more temples in a single day than most people will see in a year.

15 June 2016

CameraPentax K10D

On our way for a mini weekend camping trip, my family and I stopped at the Bountiful Temple for some photos on the way.

5 April 2018

CameraPentax K10D

From the fourth, and most likely last, of the epic temple trips I took with my mission companion. This visit was on our third day, and near dinner time.

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