Boston Massachusetts Temple Photos

My History: The Boston Massachusetts Temple

The Boston Massachusetts Temple is one of my favorite temples in the world. I have been there twice, technically, but one of the times I was there I was there for a couple of days, so I made multiple visits.

Photography Visits

11 June 2011 (Early)

CameraPentax K10D

My family and I stopped by the Boston Massachusetts temple for the first time in 2011.

11 June 2011 (Late)

CameraPentax K10D

After my family bedded down in the hotel for the night, I headed back for what might have been my one time chance to get night shots!

12 June 2011

CameraPentax K10D

Third visit for this particular weekend.

12 June 2011

CameraPentax K10D

Another one of our cross-country trips brought us through Boston again, so we took the opportunity to visit again.

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