Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple Photos

My History: Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

I visited the Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple with my wife and daughter during our epic road trip of the summer of 2011.

The grounds were locked on this visit, so I was only able to take pictures outside the fence. Perhaps one day we will be in the area again, maybe during the fall when the sharp greens become a vibrant array of color.

Baton Rouge is one of the small Temples. The glass is stained, rather than etched. The windows sit near ground level, stretching from floor to ceiling within the rooms. The decorative circles are below the inverse stepped trim, as opposed to some of the small temples, where they reside above. The temple itself sits on low ground, next to a chapel which, unusually, occupies high ground, nearly as tall as the temple proper.

Update 2019: Still no plans to go back to Baton Rouge, but as the temple is now nearing completion on a renovation that completely changed the exterior, I hope even more to get back there now.

25 June 2011

BROUG - June 25, 2011 - 16 47 16 - Large
CameraPentax *k10D

Part of the Epic Summer Road Trip of 2011, Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple sits way back on the property the Church owns there, since the Chapel is up near the road, the temple is not actually visible from the road if you approach from the north.

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