Bangkok Thailand Temple

Video and Model Details


This is my early draft for the Bangkok Thailand Temple. It is based solely upon the render the Church has released, so I have guessed on most of the model. I will make further updates as more information is released.


Brown-throated Sunbird · Anthreptes malacensis
Somkiat Pakapinyo (Chai), XC332701. Accessible at

Asian Koel · Eudynamys scolopaceus
Somkiat Pakapinyo (Chai), XC332698. Accessible at

Black-winged Stilt · Himantopus himantopus
Somkiat Pakapinyo (Chai), XC403652. Accessible at

5 freeway soundsmetrostock99



Whole Scene

Vertices: 4,418,258
Faces: 4,164,353
Objects: 390
File Size: 66.3 Mb

Temple Only

Vertices: 309,142
Faces: 341,882
Objects: 316
File Size: 65.3 Mb


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