Atlanta Georgia Temple

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My Atlanta Georgia Temple Model is another 2 stage model. I originally made it for Google Earth.  The only other version created was this one. It is as high detail as can possibly be. I did not get good photos of the stained glass, so that is not quite right, and I do not have good detail on the dock side of the temple either, but it has not been my habit to model that anyway.


Fall Day Georgia USAreg7783
Morning Sounds (Atlanta)


Modeled: 2.63
Render: Cycles

Whole Scene

Vertices:   21,385
Faces:   17,876
Objects:   392
File Size:3.8

Temple Only

Vertices:    15,407
Faces:    13,680
Objects:    32
File Size:2.5

Simple Model


Here is the original Google Earth Model that was created prior to the making of the high detailed version for the model.

Modeled: Blender 2.49
Render: WebGL render engine

Temple Only

Vertices:    892
Faces:    1,520
Objects:    1
File Size:    603kb mb


2 Replies to “Atlanta Georgia Temple”

  1. These are beautiful but there appears to be a problem with matching the video with the title. I just watched a video of the Atlanta Temple, which is what I selected. But the web page showed the Albuquerque New Mexico Temple.

    1. Thanks for the Notice. Albuquerque became my “template” for everything else, and apparently I did not always catch all the points that needed correcting…

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