Albuquerque New Mexico Temple Photos

My History: The Albuquerque New Mexico Temple

To date I have been to the Albuquerque New Mexico Temple twice. The first time I helped a friend move some stuff from Utah to El Paso. What a friend. On the way down we stopped by the Temple to take some photos. It was mid January, but being the southwest it was short sleeve weather. Everything was brown and dry, which made for a kind of bleak setting.

The Second time I was with my wife and not yet 2 year old daughter. We stayed overnight in Albuquerque, so I was able to get some evening shots as well as afternoon ones. Technically this makes for a total of 3 visits, but the last 2 were within an hour of each other.

If I were to visit again, I think I would like to go in the spring, when the trees are just beginning to leaf out.

Photography Visits

13 January 2006

Albuquerque New Mexico Temple 2011-01-13
CameraPentax *ist DL

My First visit to Albuquerque New Mexico Temple was with a friend who I was helping move some stuff from Utah to El Paso.

The area around the temple at the time was well void of any other buildings. It was easy to find the temple once you were in the neighborhood. At the time It stood nearly alone, with just another Chapel for another Church across the road and down the street. As you drove the main road north of it, it was suddenly there, apparently alone in the middle of the field. That’s the way I remember it anyway.

28 June 2011

CameraPentax *k10D

This was the second to last stop on a month long road trip that saw us visiting 30 temples. The trip was myself and my oldest daughter, then around the age of two.

The Albuquerque New Mexico Temple seems to be a long way from anywhere. It was several hours from our previous stop on an epic road trip, and it would be late morning the following day before we would reach the next. I must say though, this temple goes well with those mountains.

28 June 2011 (Evening)

CameraPentax *k10D

This is the Second visit To The Albuquerque New Mexico Temple on this trip. I came back by myself for the Dusk shots that comprise this visit.

The initial plan had been to hang out at the temple until we were done for the night, but my daughter began to throw a fit, and slapped her Mom. even though it was only around 3:30 in the afternoon we decided it was time to put her down for the night. This meant that I was alone when I came back, and could stay later than anticipated.

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