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Know Your Moroni

A free to read and free to download e-book about the history, usage and variations of the Angel Moroni Statues in use on many of the Latter-day Temples. (Last Updated 2015)

Moroni Faces East

An attempt to show the direction each Angel Moroni Statue in use on Each Temple currently faces. (Last updated 2017)

Moroni Direction Thumbnail
Holiness To the Lord Thumbnail

Holiness To The Lord

An infographic featuring each temple, chronologically, with it’s Inscription. (Last updated 2019)

I Love to See the Temple

An infographic featuring each temple, scaled to size with it’s fellows, and with extra stats on each temple. (Last updated 2016)

Temple Construction Timeline

An infographic showing temple timelines from announcement to dedication, along with renovations. (Last Updated 2018)